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Robyn & Michael

We headed to the Bedford Village Inn again this weekend for the beautiful wedding of Robyn & Michael.  These two must love rain, because we actually did their engagement shoot in sprinkles and then the wedding day was forecasted to be 100% chance of rain.  Oh what a rainy day…AGAIN!  My streak was broken!  I hadn’t had a wedding that rained the whole time in years.  Luckily, it was just sprinkles after the ceremony…so we were able to head out for some love and this group was SO GREAT…not one person complained about heading outside in the rain!

This venue might be the best place to be if there is rain on your wedding day….their ceremony spot inside is simply stunning and there are so many beautiful rooms to take photos in that I wasn’t stressed at all.  When you throw in a super sweet bride and groom willing to do anything, it makes for a chill rainy wedding day.

These two have such an amazing friend group and support system…I loved working with all of them!!  How lucky!  But I know having amazing friends means your an amazing person yourself and I wasn’t shocked as these two are so fun, vibrant and really lovely people.

If I were to give our superlative awards for weddings, hands down I laughed the hardest I have ever laughed at a wedding when Robyn’s sisters toasted her and read a poem that Robyn had written about herself as a child that was about how awesome, beautiful and incredible she was.  The whole room was doubled over with laughter.  I couldn’t see as my eyes were so watery from laughing so hard!

Robyn & Michael, thank you for choosing us to capture your day….we loved spending the day with you and your families.  You are so luckily to have found each other to laugh with and love…We adore you!



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