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Liz and John

What a day!  Liz and John married at the beautiful Cliff House on the most incredibly beautiful day in York Maine by the Ocean.  I had the pleasure of meeting these two for an engagement shoot and shortly after they hired me to shoot their wedding.  The two of them were so stinking adorable and in love on their shoot and we had enjoyed all of the prep time prior to the wedding but on a wedding day we learn all of the juicy details and fell more in love with these two.

Liz and John met in High School after Liz moved to Portsmouth and John quickly became smitten.  We learned just how much of a gentleman John was when dating Lizzie in High School, how everyone is so envious of just how great of a relationship these two have and that John calls to check in on Liz even when he only left her a short while before.  These two are ADORABLE with a capitol A.

We had such a pleasure working with your friends and family…we are in awe of your relationship and wish you every happiness!


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