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Kelly & Ed.

There’s something about Kelly….truly there is. She sparkles…and when she smiles, she has the biggest smile with the most radiant glow. I had a girl crush the first time I met her. She has such an amazing presence that you just want to be around her….and after hearing all of her friends gush about her, you just want to be her friend.
On to Ed….I took Ed as a very serious man….it was like I accomplished great life conquests when I could make him smile. Imagine my shock to see him so giddy and full of smiles on his wedding day. This man truly loves his bride. They were destined to find each other…on a cruise ship, no less (just about my favorite place to be). We cannot wait for you to have babies so we can see you more often!! We are so lucky you chose us to capture your gorgeous, perfectly cloudy day!



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