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Sharon & Michael

Our first wedding of the spring season couldnt have been any better!  We had the pleasure of photographing Sharon & Michael at the Bedford Village Inn on April 7th…what an amazing day we had!  Our day began with a flat tire as we were heading to the BVI (good thing we always plan for early arrivals!), we rolled in/thumped in to the parking lot and decided to deal with AAA later in the day.  The day was overcast and had a bit of wind but I knew we would be blessed with a little bit of sunshine later in the day.  After we unloaded and I got my details and set up shots we went to meet with Sharon.

First, I must say that I received the most amazing email from Sharon that morning….I don’t know of any other bride who on their wedding day emailed me to let me know how excited they were for me to capture their wedding and tell me just how lucky and in love they are with their groom…and how excited they were that today they become a family.  Usually everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off and I was just so impressed with her level of thoughtfulness and love for Michael.

This group of girls were so sweet, caring and clearing loved Sharon!  I quickly learned that Sharon is clearly one of the sweetest people in the world and has surrounded herself with a bunch of like minded people.  What a lucky girl!  BUT wait…..when we went to photograph the guys, they were just as nice and kind….they had the nicest things to say about Sharon and how sweet she is….SERIOUSLY!??!…These were adult men on a wedding day not even drinking sitting around talking about how sweet of a person the bride was.  #swoon.

On to the ceremony….the BVI does an amazing job of flipping their reception room from ceremony to reception in the winter….the room was beautifully decorated by the most amazing flowers, centerpieces, and decor.  Sharon herself did most of the decorations and was accompanied by the most incredible flowers as always done by Simple Bouquets…this team of florists always blow me away!  I tend to tear up here and there at a wedding….but Sharon had me near hysteria….I was tearing up so thickly that it was difficult to see through my lens (don’t worry, I checked and they are all good!).  I have never been so touched as to hear her thoughtful words….I don’t know that there was a dry eye in the place!

Of course photo time is my favorite time of the day….these two were champs putting up with colder temps and their families were the kindest and most patient groups we have worked with.  We were thrilled to have had the rain clouds part and provide us with some sun!

The reception went off without a hitch….I could say it until I am blue in the face…The Bedford Village Inn really knows how to make it all come together.  Lovely words were said about the two of them obviously….I am not exaggerating when I say these two are probably the nicest people on the planet.  And yes, the tire was taken care of by a lovely AAA man just in time for us to pack up for the night.

Sharon & Michael….I am honored that you chose Eye Sugar Photography to capture your wedding….I am truly blessed to have been a part of your day.  I have without a doubt that your marriage will be filled with happy tears, smiles, laughter and love.  I think everyone at your wedding was envious of the relationship you share….and I would say that you both elevate everyone around you to be better people.  You are such a blessed family!  And I would like to acknowledge just how amazing Michael is….I tend to spend more time with brides and the grooms get a little less love…BUT Michael is quite a man and an incredible ‘new dad’ to Sharon’s daughter.  His love for these two girls is endless.  What a lucky girl she is to have such an amazing man in her life.  I love your family to pieces!!



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  • What gorgeous photos! You truly captured the essence of this lovely couple. They were so wonderful work with. You as well! So very much looking forward to working with you again!ReplyCancel