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Professional Photography is an investment.  It is not a quick drop in like the mall, instead we hold your hand and tailor the session to meet your needs…it is not rushed and our goal is to provide you with this amazing moment frozen in time; beautifully.
When choosing whether Eye Sugar Photography is the right investment for you, a few factors are important.  First, my style should match yours…if you love all of the looks in the gallery then I would say we are a fit.  If you like traditional studio photography with your hands crossed on a blue background then I can say without a doubt that I am not for you!
Custom photography means you are getting one-on-one attention without feeling crowded or rushed.  I am a boutique photographer which means I offer a LOT of options for products, a huge assortment of props, and I provide you with a gallery of many choices of images and hold your hand through the whole process.
When you hire a professional photographer, many hours go into your session…not just the time spent at your session.  With most custom sessions we spend 6-15 hours on you as a client that includes pre consultation time, setting up your session to customize it for you, prep time and set up, the actual session, uploading and selecting the images we will use, editing and correcting your files to get them ready for your viewing, your ordering session, the final editing to make your images perfect and any back and forth reviewing that needs to happen which includes designing custom products as needed, cropping and ordering your images and the final stages of packing your images to get them to you safely and looking good!  Phew!  Its a long process!  Since this is a business that needs to be profitable to stay in business and because we want to make sure the products you receive are of superb quality; custom photographs are more expensive than heading to Walmart.
Custom sessions begin at $100, but also offer a smaller mini session if desired and for those on a budget we have special events each month that are just $40!  These are generally themed with a special set and sell out quickly.  We offer different session options and packages based on the type of session you need.
Please inquire for our pricing pdf so that we can assist you in booking the perfect session for your needs.