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alyse & alexander

A beautiful day for Alyse & Alex at the Bedford Village Inn…one of our absolute favorite vendors!  It was gorgeous as always there….but Alyse took it to a whole new level…with the most gorgeous flowers and furniture.  I absolutely loved every single one of her details….she thought of everything!  We adored her family and friends….they were the most fun and happy group.  Funny side story….Alyse brought paper lanterns to light for a night shot….they are a little scary (if you have never used them…make sure you are in a W I D E open space).  We went out to test the lanterns to make sure we had the set up I liked and when the first one flew away (its a BIG ball of fire) all of a sudden we heard sirens….lots of sirens!  We were scared we were doing something illegal (but we had double checked and it was legal in NH)….all of a sudden a fire truck, an ambulance and police car pulled up!  We dashed into the building to find that Nana had fallen and they called an ambulance.  Poor Nana!  But we did make it out to do a paper lantern shot!


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