The Photographer



{Pronounced Shay-la}


I love...My family and friends, fiercely. My job. My home. My life. Open roads and snowy woods. Mountain tops, the wild, animals, and food...lots and lots of food.

Binging on TV while working. Movie Nights. Tucker’s Blueberry Powercakes. Hiking the “Whites” and anywhere else in this world I can get to. Cycling, weight lifting, paddling, indoor rock climbing, and yoga. Traveling, especially with those I love. Discovering new worlds. Learning new things, building, renovating my old house, painting and releasing my creative juices on endless projects. I have a knack for making amazing halloween costumes (my daughter just won this years Halloween contest and made the paper with her Chewbacca costume). All things Disney, enough said.


I’m game to try just about anything...and every year I update my yearly and life bucket list. I strive to overcome my fears and push myself to try anything that scares me. I just recently jumped off a 9k foot mountain and paraglided down. Up diving!


Most of all, I love meeting new people and learning about their lives...this will hopefully include you! I absolutely love trying new ideas when shooting, and

always want to include something crazy and exciting (especially when it involves mountains and lakes!).



mountains + hiking

cycling (out + in)

rock climbing

yoga + lifting

tv watching {this is us/a million little things(amiright?!)}
traveling new places + visiting disney world

all things with friends and family

meeting new people

learning languages

trying new things

baking, cooking & eating


waking up before 7

wasted time


horseradish, fishy fish, kombucha

upcoming bucket list items

2019 goals

hike in the grand canyon

hike a +10000 foot mountain out west

learn how to swim

compete in a sprint triathalon

run a half marathon

ride a metric century

get a new stamp in my passport

hike the pemi-loop in a day

take a live peloton class in NYC





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