About Me

Hello, I'm Shalla (pronounced shay-la)

My little friends call me Shay-shay.

I love…living life and by that, I mean feeling alive! Pushing myself to the limits to try new things, scare myself by trying something uncomfortable, and learning new things. I love spending time with family, friends, and my furry little loves. I love open roads, dirt trails, mountain vistas, and the wild & snowy woods. And I LOVE food…lots of food, but I favor chocolate and anything French.

More About Me...

I love running, hiking, cycling, paddling, and weight lifting, pretty much if it gets you dirty and sweaty, I love it. I LOVE to travel and explore other cultures. And I love learning languages. I'm nearly fluent in French and I am brushing up my Spanish but re-learning it with French as my native language. Next up…Italian. I hope to be a polyglot at some point in my life.

I’m game to try just about anything...every year I update my yearly and life bucket list. I strive to overcome my fears and push myself to try anything that scares me. I jumped off a 9k-foot mountain and paraglided down and took another step toward conquering my fear of heights by skydiving. I summited Mount Whitney with 9 new feet of fresh snow & altitude sickness and really tested my limits of mind and body. Post-hike I cried my eyes out because of how scared I was but also how proud.


I learned a lot about myself during COVID...I found meditation, stillness, the comfort of family, peacefulness, and contentment. I baked like crazy, focused on the positive, and pushed myself physically. I came out on the other side with immense JOY. I feel that the gift of family time, and finding peace in stillness was a blessing through this tough time.


Most of all, I love meeting new people and learning about their lives...this will hopefully include you! I absolutely love trying new ideas when shooting, and always want to include something crazy and exciting (especially when it involves mountains and lakes!).

Bucket List

the big ones done & upcoming

xHiked Mt Whitney in Winter'
XHike the TMB
xRun an Ultramarathon
xWatch the sunrise in the first point of the USA on January 1st
xJumped off a 9k mountain
xBecome fluent in French (oui!!!)
Relearn Spanish
Work on my ASL
Hike rim to rim in the grand canyon
Hike the Dolomites
Compete in a sprint triathalon
Run a World Major Marathon
Ultimately qualify for Boston!
Take a live peloton class in NYC

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire"

—Jennifer Lee